Dance in Devon is in the process of restructuring. Following the departure of the Executive Director, Dr Sue Smith, we are extremely grateful to Clare Parker for stepping in as Interim Director during the period June to September to steer us into new ways of working. Due to the current limited team resources please bear with us in responding to emails and inquiries, as there may be a delay.


Dance in Devon works towards a just society free from discrimination, harassment, and prejudice. At the heart of our vision is a flourishing dance democracy that enables inspiring art: supporting individual and shared expression and challenging historic barriers to participation. We work to create spaces that value individual voices and that enable everyone to be seen and heard.

Dance in Devon treats all people with dignity and respect. We also accept that some groups and/or individuals are denied equality on the grounds of race, gender, marital status, caring responsibilities, disability, gender reassignment, age, social class, sexual orientation and religion/belief or other factors. We recognise our moral and social responsibilities to go beyond the provisions of legal Acts and Regulations, to support and contribute to the wider process of social change through all aspects of our work to eliminate discrimination and promote equality, inclusivity, accessibility and diversity.

We understand that there are difficult conversations to be had in order to build a better and more inclusive society. We want to speak up, open up spaces in a way that facilitates these conversations, and be more active within our communities to explore and debate these issues in a spirit of mutual respect.


Dance in Devon stands in solidarity with anti-racism movements across the world, such as Black Lives Matter, in the fight against systemic racism and oppression against anyone marginalised for who they are. We condemn the violence and injustices affecting the global majority population. It is a human right to receive racial equality, social and criminal justice. We commit to educate ourselves, listen more, do better, and speak up in the face of attacks on humanity.

We commit to being rigorous with our own organisational practices and addressing inequalities that result from systemic and institutional racism. We acknowledge our responsibility to continue building initiatives that address this and the work we need to initiate to achieve this. We encourage our communities of artists, practitioners, participants, staff and trustees, to challenge racism where it is witnessed, protest in solidarity, read and learn and to donate to funds supporting this cause.

Our Passion Projects

Inclusive creative dance and movement sessions for children and their families across Devon.

Dance classes to improve confidence, strength and balance of older people at risk of falling

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